3 ways we are eco-friendly

We are all conscious of environmental issues, but we don’t always know what we can do to help the planet. Here are some eco-friendly ways that we help the environment:

Recyclable Shipping Packaging

You may have noticed that we use recyclable shipping packaging, including soy ink printed tissue paper and corn starch peanuts. We do this because it's good for the environment, but also because it's better for you! Recyclable packaging means less waste going to landfills, which means less pollution in our air and water. And who doesn't love a clean environment?

Eco-Conscious Candles

  • We use soy wax in our candles, which is a renewable resource and biodegradable.

Soy wax is also naturally anti-microbial, which means it's a great choice to use if you have allergies or asthma. And since it's a plant-based wax, there are no animal byproducts involved in its production.

We use eco-friendly candle packaging

Our packaging is eco-friendly. We use reusable, recyclable and biodegradable materials whenever possible. Our candles come in glass containers that can be reused or recycled after use and our boxes are fully recyclable.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our eco-friendly practices. We believe in making the world a better place, and we think that starts with doing what we can to be conscious of our impact on it.

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