New York Candle

New York Travel Candle, inspired by coffee shops.The New York Candle

Have a unique, handmade product that is vegan and eco friendly. If so, we have the perfect candle for you!

We've crafted our New York candle scent with coffee, cinnamon and vanilla with some hidden gems of chocolate and toffee. With this scent, we wanted to evoke the feeling that maybe you're walking down the streets of Manhattan alone or on a coffee date with someone special.

Even if you can't travel this is your chance to be immersed in one of these cities'New York city skyline most iconic scents. Wouldn't you love to travel the world when ever you wanted to without breaking the bank? 

Having a holiday to relax and unwind is so important for your mental well-being but it costs hundreds. To travel to New York from the UK would cost you well over £1000 who has that kind of money these days! Source

No matter your reason for not being able to travel, our candles help you experience new places. I am not a coffee lover, but this vanilla latte/mocha-style scent smells so delicious, plus it doesn't se off my asthma!

I hope you are looking as forward to travelling to New York as I am! Our New York Candle is avaliable now!

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